Training & Development

Our advisors can help you to accurately with all your training and development.

Training & Development

  • Training solutions in skills audits, course design, delivery of programmes and skill development facilitator services.
  • Skills programmes in lifting machine operations, freight handling, stevedoring, education training practices, business admin, management and new venture creations.
  • Assessor training and assessment services in a variety of unit standards.
  • Moderator training and moderation services in a variety of unit standards.
  • Leadership implementation and coordination.
  • RPL leadership implementation and coordination.
  • Design and unit standard alignment of course material.

Skills Development Facilitator Services

  • Training needs analysis/Skills Audits.
  • Setting up of training committees.
  • Building capacity within training committees.
  • Implementing personal development plans and career pathing guidance. 

SETA Submissions

  • Workplace Skills Plans
  • Annual Training Reports
  • Discretionary grant applications