DQSS provides a fully integrated payroll solution with the total payroll administration of salaries and wages in compliance with the latest SARS/Tax legislations including delivery of management re- ports.

Our team executes and manages the administration of an organisations payroll ensuring all pay- ments are accurate and on time. We customise a package of services providing you with conven- ience and control over your internal payroll processing to suit your needs with the following offer- ings:

Capturing monthly and/or weekly payroll changes
Calculating all payslip allowances, deductions and company contributions
Generating and printing of payslips
Generating and printing of all monthly reports provided in an electronic format (Word, Excel, VIP Softline)
Generating and printing of monthly variance reports
Verification of payroll structures and allocation of allowances and deductions to the new IRP5
Generating and printing of IRP5s and IT3(a)s in the new prescribed format
Adding new pay calculation codes to the system when required
Adding new employees
Payments to any payroll creditors on behalf of the company, including garnishee orders
Secure transfer of client funds paid via FIRST to employees
Clients receive reconciliations based on all payments made to external parties
Keeping and updating of staff loans and leave balances
Interfacing to external software packages (general ledgers and costing systems)
Continuous data integrity audits
Extensive payroll backup procedures

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